Market Changes Heading Into Summer

Tune in to our newest vlog to learn about current Lake Tahoe market conditions from Katie Benty, Ryan Stokes, and Robin Foster! With summer on the horizon, the market is starting to pick up again. With inventory growing and sales becoming more frequent it’s important to have the most current market information at your disposal.

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Observing The Needs of High Net Worth Clients

As luxury real estate professionals, we understand the unique needs of our high net worth clients. Focusing on our regional luxury market as well as connecting with other areas where luxury homes are premium investments allows us to help them identify opportunities nationwide.

With the effective use and understanding of technology, we can serve our clients with fluency and efficiency. We offer a high-touch service tailored to our client’s customs and expectations. Despite our heavy dependence on data, a human touch is what makes the difference. We make sure each client is made to feel unique and heard, and we work in concert to strategize and plan according to individual needs and goals.

Discretion and Integrity are of the utmost importance, and we strive to be the professionals that our clients trust with their investment, family, and security. We love our special home, and we look forward to guiding our cherished clients on their path to the perfect home.


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Preparing Your Home to List

After an extraordinary winter with record breaking snowfall, we want to speak to our sellers about the importance of preparing for listing season and paying attention to the damages most properties in our area have experienced. 

Snow load on roofs and decks have wreaked havoc this season, damaging chimney chases, drip edges, and tearing decks from the sides of homes. It’s important to have a professional remove snow from your roofs and decks in order to assess any damages and to prepare for future storms. 

Ice dams have been particularly troubling, as they can cause damage to the exterior and interior of any home. Water intrusion creates a much larger issue, and can result in damage to drywall, wood, and carpets. 

If you own a second home and are unable to come up to give a first-hand visual inspection of your property, give us a call and we will help you find solutions. Scheduling the proper vendors NOW is important, in order to have your property ready for listing season come May or June. 

Please reach out to the Tahoe Estates Group if you have any questions regarding how to prepare your property for an exciting listing season coming soon this spring!
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Imagine This...Tahoe Estates Group explains the beauty of working with a real estate expert!


No doubt about it, the market has shifted and there is a unique opportunity for buyers to engage in the buying process without the stress of multiple offers, rash decision-making, and regretful concessions that they otherwise would never have considered. Imagine this: a home buying process that allows the buyer to view multiple homes that fit their needs and budget, where disclosures can be reviewed and follow up questions can be asked. Then imagine that, with the help of your trusted Tahoe Estates Group agent, you can carefully craft an offer on your home of choice, one that employs terms such as data-backed pricing, seller rate buy-downs, or one to two years of HOA fees covered by the seller. Helping our clients understand the benefits of seriously considering a home purchase in our market is just one of the ways we add value and aim to be your proactive trusted real estate advisor. Listen to Sally Gardner and Robin Foster discuss the current buyer climate in the Lake Tahoe and Truckee area. And please, contact the Tahoe Estates Group today to get started on your path to the perfect home!
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Palisades New Bold Improvements

Palisades Tahoe has made some pretty bold improvements for this ski season, including the new Base to Base gondola, which launched in mid-December, and a brand new Red Dog 6-pack chairlift. 

The  base to base gondola is a stunning 16 minute ride, and flows over 2.4 miles of inbound terrain and out of bounds wilderness connecting the base of Palisades Tahoe with the lodge at Alpine Meadows.

The brand new Red Dog 6-pack lift is now running and allows guests to access the top of Red Dog in just 5 minutes, which cuts the ride in more than half from its predecessor. It adds another option for lower mountain riders to enjoy advanced terrain and access to the Resort at Squaw Creek.

Capping off the improvements is a redesigned central plaza, which provides much easier access from the Village to the Funitel and Base to Base gondola via this new ramp. These new improvements really level-up the customer experience at Palisades Tahoe. We hope you get a chance to experience them for yourself this season!

Tahoe Estates Group explains why NOW is a great time for a Buyer to get serious about buying!

NOW IS A GREAT TIME FOR A BUYER! Tahoe Estates Group wants to help our buyer clients by sharing why NOW is a fabulous time to buy a home in Truckee or Lake Tahoe! Inventory has more than doubled since the end of Q3 in 2022, which means that there are far more homes to consider today than ever were during the entire year of 2022. Absorption rates are slow, forcing many properties to sit on market for much longer than a seller feels comfortable. If there was ever a time to explore through negotiation if a seller is ready to SELL their home, it’s now! Let the professionals at Tahoe Estates help you achieve your home buying dreams in the Truckee and Lake Tahoe area. Contact us today!
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