What Winter Activities Can You Do in Lake Tahoe (that aren’t skiing)?

While we at Tahoe Estates Group are avid skiers, we recognize that not all are fans of this sport. Here are some other activities you can do, many of which are offered at Ski Resorts. We wish you a wonderful and safe winter filled with fun!

Snow Shoe Tours

The solitude of winter is something extraordinary, and while not unique to the Lake Tahoe areas, we certainly have some of the best country for it! This experience is offered through the Tahoe Adventure Company, Alpen Glow Expeditions, Snowshoe Tahoe, and many others.

A group snowshoe tour is a fun way to get out and explore the woods, that’s at a much slower pace compared to traditional downhill skiing.

Aerial Tram Rides

There are many places to take some fantastic tram rides in Lake Tahoe! This is a great way to view the scenery from a bird’s eye perspective. Sites that offer this include Palisades Tahoe (which is 1.5 miles long), Squaw Valley, and Heavenly.

Many heard the news about Palisades gondola ride updates connecting Palisades and Alpine bases to the resort. It’s a must-see this season!

Hot Springs

Relax in some hot springs around the Lake Tahoe area. These geothermal springs are perfect for keeping warm in these cold winter months, and hot springs are also known for having many health benefits, such as skin detoxing and relieving pain. Some places that offer this experience are David Walley’s Hot Springs, Sierra Hot Springs, and Carson Hot Springs.

The sun might hide more in the winter, but that’s no reason to be cold!

Snow Tubing

I know most are familiar with Lake Tahoe tubing. Get ready for tubing downhill! Tubing offers more cushion than a traditional sled and is faster due to its low friction with the snow. This opportunity is provided at some of the Ski resorts in the area, such as Heavenly. However, since it has gained popularity, there are many resorts for all your tubing desires!

Many even have technology that will carry your tube and you to the top!