TEG Group

Exceptional Experience.

Why work with us? When you consider our partners’ experience, recent sales, and average price of the homes sold, it’s easy to see why so many real estate professionals put their trust in us.

Our team has specialized in real estate and real estate development in the Tahoe-Truckee area for five decades, helping discerning buyers (as well as sellers and developers) make the most of their resources. Collaborative and deeply connected, our team has direct access to the country’s top properties and the agents who represent them.

We are not only a part of the fabric of this community, but also a community of experts in real estate and real estate development. Yes, we – Sally, Katie, Mark, and Rachel – are here to guide you every step of the way through your purchase or sale of a home in the Tahoe/Truckee region. We’ve represent clients on both the California and Nevada sides of Lake Tahoe.

With Tahoe Estates Group and our exclusive partners at the Private Client Network you can expect concierge-style service that caters to meeting and quite possibly exceeding your expectations.

Sally Gardner

As a successful entrepreneur living in the Bay Area’s peninsula before relocating to Lake Tahoe, Sally relates to her client’s busy lifestyle resulting in symbiotic relationships. Her understanding of estates, trusts, and philanthropic foundations is why Sally often partners with Family Offices and Attorney’s on transactions.

Katie Benty

A Northern California native, raised in the East Bay city of Orinda, Katie has made Lake Tahoe and Truckee her home since 1992. As a Truckee homeowner and Tahoe Donner property investor and builder...

Mark Lowenstern

With over 25 years of experience investing in Truckee/North Tahoe residential and commercial developments, Mark Lowenstern has witnessed multiple market trends...

Rachel Schindler

The essence of Rachel Schindler’s success distills to integrity, acumen and sound advisement. She’s as intuitive as she is analytical, drawing upon fifteen-plus years of industry expertise to represent clients and homes with ease...