TEG's Favorite Hiking & Biking Trails in Truckee/Tahoe

Most of us live here for the incredible access to outdoor adventures. Right from our backyard, you can be on the trail in 10 min or less (depending on where you're working) after a day at the office. This spring, as the snow melts and days grow longer, we encourage you to get outside. Explore our backyard and check out one of our favorite trails in the Truckee Tahoe area.

Hole in The Ground at Donner Pass

“I’m a mountain biker and one of my favorite trails in Tahoe is Hole in The Ground. I love it because it's a rocky, technical, nasty double black diamond, if you're not on top of your game it will chew you up and spit you out.

It's usually a late start in the season because it's in a North aspect depression (hence the name) on big snow years it's not rideable until August.” - Dave Gove

Here’s how to access this trail and more information from MTB Project.

Eagle’s Nest at Squaw Valley

“This is one I do nearly every year. Sometimes in snow, sometimes not. I love this hike because it offers two ways to access/descend (via the 5 Lakes Trail in Alpine Meadows, or straight up the cat track at Squaw Valley), and it’s peak is a rock scramble up with cable assist to the top nearly 2000 feet above the valley floor, where an iron Eagle is installed in memory of a dear friend gone too soon. This hike always brings with it laughter, memories, camaraderie, gorgeous views from the top of the Eagle’s Nest.” - Katie Benty

Shirley Canyon at Squaw Valley

“Shirley Canyon is one of the best hikes in Tahoe during the spring and early summer. On a good snow year, you’ll pass by several waterfalls that gush over granite rocks and pool up making it a perfect spot to cool off on warm afternoons. When the snow melts and access is clear to Shirley Lake, you can go for a swim here and even enjoy a picnic lunch. I love doing this hike with my son. We’ll hike up to High Camp to hitch a free Tram ride down and grab a bite to eat in The Village when we’re done.” - Sally Gardner 

How to access this trail and more information from AllTrails.

Tahoe Donner Eastern Perimeter Trail

“My favorite hike is the Tahoe Donner Eastern Perimeter Trail. Not only is it my favorite hike, but it's also the trail I frequent the most, at least once a week. I love being able to walk out my front door, and begin my walk or bike ride. The trail starts with a partial loop around the Bennett Flat Meadow and then connects to the Eastern Perimeter Trail. At the top, at about an elevation of 6,800 feet, the view is spectacular! One can see the Pacific Crest Range, Squaw Valley, Northstar, the Martis Valley and Mt. Rose.

From my home and back, it's about an hour to ‘my spot’ I get some good cardio, beautiful sights, and most importantly, it's my wind down time at the end of the day, or my early morning wake up.” - Mark Lowenstern

How to access this trail and more information from AllTrails.

Big Chief in Truckee

"Big Chief is a great Mountain Bike trail because it offers a nice 6 mile ascent with beautiful views of Squaw Valley leading up towards the backside of Northstar. The descent offers a mix of fun technical sections with a few slabs and rock features along with a flowy single track at the bottom. Late Spring and Fall are always the best times to ride for many reasons. The weather is mild, the trails are quiet, and the dirt is just right. However, the trail is maintained the most during the summer season." - Lukas Brassie

How to access this trail and more information from Truckee Trails.