Tahoe Donner Community

As the Town of Truckee reaches a tipping point with affordable housing for our local residents and workforce, Tahoe Donner, which employs on average 900+ year-round and seasonal employees to maintain its amenities, support operations, and provide services to its members and guests, takes a critical first step with a comprehensive workforce housing study.

The rising costs of living plus the dwindling supply of affordable housing predictably means that local businesses and the overall quality of life in the Truckee area is negatively impacted. As one of the largest employers in the area, Tahoe Donner is struggling to attract and retain employees, and as such, has taken the initiative to understand and try to mitigate the housing crisis. Breaking down the study in a 4 phase plan, the Tahoe Donner staff are already taking steps to address housing issues in the interim, including leasing 10-12 homes to ensure seasonal employees have access to reasonable rents. The association will also be engaging with other employers in the area to maximize additional year-round master leases which can be significantly less expensive per month than season leases. 

Obviously, a long term solution is the goal, and in partnership with consulting firm Economic Planning Systems, Inc., Tahoe Donner is moving forward with a comprehensive workforce housing study this year to better understand the scope of housing needs for employees. The study is expected to produce a multi-phase plan, and could take six to eight months to complete. The study aims to prioritize and guide the association’s actions concerning housing in the coming years while it continues to serve its members. Phase 1 will focus on Workforce Needs Assessment, with the objective of understanding the existing scale of need and housing type preferences. Phase 2 will develop a matrix of potential concepts and programs, designed to identify potential partnerships and tools to address the housing need. Phase 3 will dive deeper into opportunity sites analysis, primarily focusing on concepts that require HOA-owned land and approval. Phase 4 shall integrate findings into a Housing Action Plan.
For more information, contact the Tahoe Estates Group today: sales@tahoeestatesgroup.com